About Agape Malta

Agape Malta is a Christian missionary movement that shares the mission of Agape Europe in Making Jesus Known. Agape Europe is an umbrella of missionary organisations established in various European countries. Agape is the Greek word used in the Bible for God’s Love. Our mission is to bring spiritual hope and help to people in Europe as we shares God’s love. We strives to be relevant to the societies being served, and that strategies and actions are culturally appropriate and attractive, but without compromising on Biblical values. We seek to fulfil the Great Commission in cooperation with the whole body of Christ by building movements of multiplying disciples so that everyone may know someone who truly follows Jesus.

Agape Malta is committed to empower people in their Christian faith and seeks to be visible, trustworthy and adding value to the Maltese society. Our vision for is that people get to know Jesus on a personal level as they meet committed Christians in their family, schools, campus, workplaces and/or localities. We reach out to people so that they may build their faith in Jesus and choose to become faithful disciples. Our guiding principles are faith in God, recognising His supremacy, entering communion with Him in prayer, seeking His guidance and being available for His use.

‘Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”’ Matthew 28:19-20


Agape Malta was established in March 2011


Agape Malta is run by the Leadership Team


Agape Malta Leadership directs the Vision, Mission and Works in the various Ministries.

We came in contact with Agape Europe through the FamilyLife family ministry and soon realised that its mission, vision, values and works were very much in line with what God was leading us to. Since then, Agape Europe has lavished support in terms of training, tools and material to better serve youth, students, couples and families in Malta. As Agape Malta was established, ongoing collaboration increased with various European countries.

Charmaine Caruana, Agape Malta National Representative

Agape Malta is part of the Agape Europe family and collaborates with various countries on specific projects, namely; with the Agape Greece on Film and Art, Agape Italy and Agape UK on University Students and FamilyLife, Agape Switzerland on media, FamilyLife and Shine, and teams with Agape UK and Agape Ireland on Leadership and structure.

Leslie Caruana, Agape Malta National Representative


Agape Malta is a part of Agape Europe

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Do not hesitate to contact us and feel free to come at any of our events because we work hard to make them worth attending to. May getting to know us mean that you will find courage and enrichment in your lives. For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/agapemalta/, or email us on [email protected]